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Artwork & Design Tips


Shop for Promo can help!   When placing your promotional products order, simply upload your artwork in any one of the file formats PDF,EPS, PNG, JPG or BMP or email to us at separately.

Important artwork tips:

·Consider how the artwork will appear on the required logoed product ie.                  square logos can be very small when reduced to fi­t on pens.

·Avoid having very complex logos at small imprint sizes - the smaller the logo the higher the chance the detail will fi­ll in.

·Avoid having important artwork close to the finished edge of products.

Need help with a logo design or artwork?  Our talented graphic design team can design something for you.  If you have seen a logo style that you like but want to personalize and make it your own - talk to us. We can create something new and unique from your ideas which will save you both time and money.



Personalize with your logo and then put a name on it!   Some of our products allow for "variable data".

What is variable data?  Variable data allows you to personalize each item.  You can display your logo on a set of items and further personalize each item with individual client names. 

Can all items have variable data?  No.  Only those items specified allow for the variable data printing process.

How do I supply my variable data?   Simply set up an Excel spreadsheet and we will do the rest!  Variable data should be supplied in a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet, 1 row per variation. The longest name/entry will dictate the font size to be used. Barcodes can be generated in sequential numerical order. Please contact us for any further information. 




Print ready digital artwork to be supplied in MAC or PC-formatted EPS fi­les created in Adobe Illustrator or a high resolution PDF with bleed.

·Create your artwork to the specific size of the product with one design.

·Allow at least 3mm bleed all around and keep important elements 3mm inside cut area.

·Ensure that all text/fonts have been created to outlines/curves to avoid font problems.

·Color up any logos etc that require color matching to the relevant pantone color using the "Solid Coated" set of swatches. Artwork colored up to CMYK will not be pms matched.

·Digital printing cannot print metallic colors.  Contact our office for advice.

·When saving PDF, ensure that PDF settings are of a high resolution and allow for 3mm bleed all around.

·Any placed images should be embedded in the eps files and to be high resolution (300dpi).

·Do not have any white areas set to overprint - the 4 color process will omit any elements set to overprint white. Be aware that any other elements set to overprint may not appear the same color as viewed on the PDF proof when printed.

·We can accept jpegs for digital print as long as they are high resolution (300dpi) and to the correct size of the product with relevant bleeds etc. No specific color matching will be available if a jpeg is provided.


Digital vector graphic artwork to be supplied in MAC or PC-formatted EPS fi­les created in Adobe Illustrator or a PDF.

·Where possible supply artwork to the imprint area allocated to that particular product.

·Ensure that all text/fonts have been created to outlines/curves to avoid font problems.

·Color up artwork to the pantone colors to be printed.

·Logos for laser engraving to be supplied as solid Black (this will be the 'engrave').

·We cannot use placed images or jpegs - all artwork must be fully editable vector graphic.

·Gradients and percentages of color cannot be engraved or pad printed.

·Where logos have percentages of a color - a solid PMS color must be assigned to each percentage. 



Once an order is confirmed you will be emailed an Artwork Approval Sheet which provides a visual representation of your artwork on your chosen item.

It is of the utmost importance for clients to check and approve the artwork on the artwork approval sheets and email back as confirmation as soon as possible in order to meet delivery dates. If approvals are delayed, rush charges and/or expedited freight may be required at the customer's expense to meet a specifi­ed delivery date. 


We reserve the right to charge artwork set up costs at a minimum of $60/hour for any artwork changes necessary to achieve print ready files when artwork is not provided in the correct file format or for artwork changes requested by our clients. Artwork changes will consequently affect production and delivery schedules.  We will always work with you to keep all costs to a minimum.